Final Exam Review Materials

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The following materials are available to help you review for the final exam:

Spring 2017 Midterms

Complete Final Exams from Previous Semesters

The best way to take advantage of these exams is to try to work them through in as authentic an environment as possible. Ideally, this means working through a single exam in a quiet environment with a time limit (3 hours), and without access to any notes, solutions, etc. When time runs out or you are finished, you can go back and grade yourself, which should give you an idea of which areas you should focus on when reviewing. Then, go back and review those materials, make sure you can answer the questions you got wrong, and move on to the next practice exam!

And, of course, if questions come up as you are reviewing, please don't hesitate to post your questions to Piazza.

Following the link below will send you to a webpage with video explanations for some of the previous exam problems. These videos should only be used after you have worked through an exam entirely on your own, looked at the answers document, tried again, and are still stuck. If you are working on a problem that does not have an explanation below, that doesn't mean you can't get one; just come to office hours or ask on Piazza!


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