Introduction to EECS via Robotics
Fall 2017

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Week 7 (Week of 16 October)


  1. Scores and statistics for 6.01 midterm one are now available at the following page: Midterm 1 Scores/Stats

    After logging in and going to that page, you should see your score. Near the top of the page is a link to a PDF copy of your exam, and if you scroll down, you can see some more details about your exam.

    • Meetings: If you are concerned about your performance on the midterm, or your performance in the class in general, please send email to Joe to Adam, and we will gladly meet with you to figure out a plan for improving as we move forward in the course.

    • Regrades: If you find an error in grading, please post a private note to Piazza describing in detail the error you found. We will review your concern and regrade the entire exam in an attempt to eliminate the error you found, as well as any other grading errors. If you want your exam to be regraded, you must let us know by Friday, 27 October at 5pm.

    • Grades for Other Assignments: Within the next few days, we will add a page to the web site to allow you to quickly see your scores for the other portions of the course (homeworks, labs, etc).


Lecture: No Lecture



Software Lab: No Software Lab

Design Lab: Pet Robot


Readings and Homework

Readings: Probability

Homework: Circuit Solver and Intro Probability


Older Announcements/Assignments

Older announcements are available here, and older assignments/handouts are available here.